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Letters of Healing To Reach A Higher Purpose is a compilation of letters from 7 sexual assault survivors who have collectively come together to write letters to their offenders.  These powerful letters are compiled by Published Author, Petra D. Wade, who was able to take each survivors personal letter not only to their offender but also to their inner child, as well as their message of hope to other sexual assault survivors that was relayed in each of their very own purpose statements and create a book of healing and hope. These letters are a true testament that healing is possible for individuals who have been sexually assaulted and that you can overcome your obstacles in order to reach your higher purpose.

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23 Successful Tips to Build Self-esteem & Have a More Fulfilling Life is the blue print for
women who desire to create a new mind set in order to raise their level of self-esteem and build
their confidence. This book will awaken the person in you that you knew was always there, but
you were too afraid to release. These tips are not only useful, but most importantly they’re
practical, and can be accomplished just by putting forth a little effort. You just have to be willing
and able to do the necessary work by first taking out all of the negativity you’ve allowed to
consume your thoughts in the past, and create a whole new mindset. This process is not quick
nor is it easy, but I promise you it will definitely be worth it.



 About The Author


Petra D. Wade is a Certified Purpose Empowerment Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Owner of Real Life Helpers. She has dedicated her life to teach and promote purpose empowerment in an effort to help others fulfill their purpose and achieve success in their everyday life as well as their careers. She is passionate about making sure others achieve a high level of self-esteem and have a happy and fulfilling life. She addresses more on the topic of self-esteem in her book, 23 Successful Tips to Build Self-esteem & Have a More Fulfilling Life.

Petra obtained her Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Belhaven University in Jackson, MS, as well as her MBA with a concentration in Human Resources from Keller Graduate School of Management in Nashville, TN.  She currently resides in Mount Juliet, Tennessee where she enjoys spending time with her family and serving in her community. Petra is an Ambassador for the Nashville Sexual Assault Center, and she has made it her mission to help bring awareness to the issues surrounding sexual assault and other violent crimes against women, which she discusses in her upcoming book along with 6 other Co-Authors, Letters of Healing To Reach A Higher Purpose. She also works diligently to encourage others to get involved in efforts to help and support women who have been affected by these heinous acts in order to bring about change.